Lily Nduku pulls out of Machakos Senatorial race


Lily Nduku Mwanzia, the Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU) candidate, has officially pulled out of the Machakos Senatorial race. The candidate was running on the late Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka’s party ticket.

Lily Nduku cited financial reasons as the reason for her withdrawal from the race. She explained that all her opponents obtain financial muscle from major political parties, whereas she relied on her funds.

Lily Nduku shared a statement with her followers on the issue. She said that she considered it unwise to focus on the by-election. Instead, she would focus on the 2022 general elections.

“My opponents have been handpicked and brought about by governments and are fully sponsored and honestly speaking, it would be a tall order to continue competing with aspirants who are using our resources to campaign,” she said.

“I am therefore forced to withdraw my candidature for 2021 and focus on 2022,” she added.

Nduku also said that elections require a lot of preparation. She apologized to her supporters for any inconveniences she had caused. She also urged them to remain calm as they wait for directions from the Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU) party.

CCU party will not present a candidate for the Machakos Senatorial seat since the deadline to get IEBC clearance was on 26th January.


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