Majority Leader Duale Pledges Support for Ruto


The National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale, has warned DP Ruto’s woes against derailing him from taking over as the president come 2022. He termed their effort to block him from becoming the president as wastage of resources and energy;  the contest having been determined.

Duale is also the MP for Garissa Township. He has been of late airing his views vocally and fearlessly rebuking Orange Democratic Movement Raila Odinga.

Duale has accused Raila of using handshake as a means by which to hinder DP Ruto’s participation in the 2022 election.

Duale Supports BBI

While in Garissa Town he reaffirmed that their support for William Ruto was not questionable. He stamped that with a presidential or a parliamentary system after the implementation of Building Bridges Initiative their support for Dr. Ruto was a sure deal.

Advocating for a pure parliamentary system, he said that it will ensure equal distribution of national resources, despite the size of population.

The National Assembly majority leader clarified that they were in full support of Jubilee’s administration. On the other hand, they were focused on seeing Dr. Ruto to the top seat through the 2022 general election.

Duale warned against tossing Kenyans up and down causing them to lose focus from Jubilee. He warned that undecided leadership would harden the rising of Dr. Ruto to the presidency during the election.  

He went further to say that Jubilee has a contract with Kenyans. Its agenda is to improve health and education and create employment for the youth. Duale emphasized that this was their focus for the next two years.

The MP added that their quest was to transform the country under Jubilee and the leadership of the party chair Uhuru Kenyatta.

Duale Was Initially a Raila Supporter

Looking at Duale’s progress in politics he entered parliament on an ODM ticket in 2007. He later joined DP’s Ruto United Republican Party (URP). 

URP dissolved merging with Mr. Kenyatta’s and other parties and formed Jubilee. This marked Mr. Duale’s beginning of his support for the president.

Nonetheless, the peace pact between the president and ODM leader Raila Odinga on March 9, 2018 saw Duale mute despite his vocal political maneuvers.

Duale has been fearless through his political journey enjoying backup from the president. His efforts to please his bosses has landed him in countless number of controversies. 

Surprisingly Mr. Duale’s statements to the public, his support for a parliamentary system of government and trying to back off Mount Kenya leaders critical of BBI was unlike him.

On the contrary, he has grounded himself in open support of Building Bridges Initiative unlike other Ruto supporters.

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