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MP reports DP Ruto to the DCI

Ngunjiri Wambugu, the Nyeri town MP, has written to the Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI) requesting that detectives investigate the Deputy President.

MP Ngunjiri alleged that the DP Ruto was using a coded language that has secret meanings. According to Ngunjiri,  the DP uses coded language to incite Kenyans and instigate violence.

Ngunjiri noted that Wiliam Ruto uses phrases like Watu Wengine (other people) and Watu Fulani (certain people) to attack the government and unidentified individuals. He also said that some of the Ruto allies are using the same phrases.

To prove his sentiments are true, the MP referred to the phrases Kwekwe and Madoadoa (spots) common in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007. He claimed that the use of those phrases consequently led to the 2007 post-election

“These words have been used most recently by MPs Johana Ng’eno (Emurua Dikirr) and Oscar Sudi (Kapseret), the DP William Ruto amongst others,” MP Ngunjiri said.

“Please note the phrases Watu Fulani and Watu Wengine are politically ambigous and some people assume they refer to a particular Kenyan political families. Others assume that these refer to a particular Kenyan economic sector. However, some fear that these phrases could as easily refer to a certain ethnic community. For this reason, we must view these phrases as dangerous,” he added.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen used the phrase Mtu fulani while commenting on the arrest of Senator Cleophas Malala on his Twitter page.


Mr. Ngunjiri urged the DCI to investigate whether Ruto and his allies use the phrases to incite Kenyans.

He also said that the government should file charges against anyone who uses such phrases in political rallies. He noted that doing so would protect Kenyans from inter-community clashes.

“Dear Mt Kenya, William Ruto has revealed what is in his heart. Dear Mt Kenya or ‘Watu Fulani’ as Ruto calls you, Open your eyes,” political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi said.

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