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Mudavadi says he won’t join any coalition unless he is the presidential candidate

Musalia Mudavadi, the Amani National Congress leader, has declared that he will not join any coalition unless he is the presidential candidate. He said that he would not let any coalition weaken him in the upcoming general elections.

The ANC leader said that he intends to take over from President Uhuru Kenyatta. Therefore, he would not support other candidates to the ballot.

“When I contested in 2013 where I was position three, so many people accused me that I am not a team player and I am not supportive. I gave them a chance in 2017 yet we are still in the opposition,” Mudavadi said.

“This time around, we will face off against each other squarely. I will not leave anything to chance,” he added.

Mudavadi aired these sentiments during his visit to the home of Omboko Milemba in Emuhaya sub-county. Currently, Omboko Milemba is the ANC chairperson in Vihiga county. Additionally, he is MP for Emuhaya under the ANC party.

Kenya’s economy

Mudavadi reiterated that it was his turn to take over and change the country’s economy. According to him, Kenya’s economy is bed-ridden. He noted that debts have crippled the country and that the young generation is down on their knees. He also pointed out that counties cannot empower young people and economically sustain them.

Mudavadi acknowledged that for him to fight at the national level, he needs bargaining power.

“I can’t be telling people out there  I want to be the president of this country yet I don’t have the command of the Western region,” he said.

Emuhaya MP Omboko Milemba echoed Mudavadi’s sentiments.  He said that there was a need for Mudavadi to have strong numbers in the Western region. Otherwise, he would be locked out.

Mudavadi is now urging leaders in the Western region that are not ANC members to join the party. This way, they would strengthen ANC and give him better chances of winning.

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