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Mukhisa Kituyi dismisses claims that he is someone’s political project

Ex-Unctad secretary-general has dismissed claims that he is someone’s political project. The presidential hopeful also distanced himself from Ruto’s hustler narrative and ethnic political alliances.

Speaking during an interview, Mukhisa Kituyi said that he is his own man. He noted that his only intention is to improve the lives of his fellow Kenyans.

“I am not anybody’s project. Tell me, who in this country can employ Kituyi as his project?” Mukhisa Kituyi questioned.

Mukhisa Kituyi has previously served as a Trade Minister and as Kimilili MP. He declared his interest in the Presidential seat this month, noting that he is the only candidate that can revive Kenya’s economy.

The former Trade Minister said that those claiming he wants to ruin Ruto’s chances by vying were jokers.

“Saying I am a project is neither here nor there. I heard a Member of Parliament saying that politicians sent me to ruin Ruto’s chances. Can you think of Kituyi fitting in the pocket of Ruto? What a joke!” Mukhisa said.

The politician revealed that he is working on registering a party he will use as his political vehicle. Additionally, he said that he wanted to work with reformers.

Kituyi also condemned political alliances based on tribe. He noted that leaders should come together based on their ideologies.

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