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Murathe reveals new plan to kick Ruto out of Jubilee party

David Murathe, the Jubilee party Vice Chairman, has revealed that the party has set a plan in motion to kick Ruto out of the party. 

Murathe castigated the Deputy President and told him that Jubilee would punish him for indiscipline. Additionally, he said that Ruto’s allies would also face the party’s wrath.

Murathe revealed that the party had issued a letter to the Deputy President on 21st January summoning him for a meeting.

The Jubilee party faulted William Ruto for supporting United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidates in the Nakuru by-elections.

“Those leaders pushing for the UDA agenda, including the DP, will soon lose their seats. Things are cooking. Just wait and see,” Murathe said.

“They cannot claim to be our party members, yet they support candidates from other parties instead of our own. Maybe it’s time to review the coalition agreement,” he added.

Murathe alleged that Ruto and his supporters were disobeying the law. The Constitution of Kenya states that one cannot be a member of two parties concurrently. However, they defended themselves by saying that the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party aligns with the Jubilee party.

Raphael Tuju, the Jubilee Secretary-General, said that the party would follow up on the summon letter they gave DP Ruto.

“The disciplinary committee is aware of the proceedings, and they will handle the issue and report to me,” Tuju said.

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