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Muthama’s chopper visit to Matungu causes commotion

Former Machakos County Senator Johnstone Muthama’s visit to Matungu Constituency has got Kenyans on social media talking.

This is after the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) shared a photo of himself and former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar and Eliud Owalo posing in front of a chopper.

Netizens were drawn into the debate where they criticized the politician for reportedly moving across the country in choppers yet pushing the hustler and wheelbarrow agenda to ordinary citizens.

The vocal leader had let the pro-Ruto team to Matungu to drum up for the UDI’s candidate, Alex Lanya, ahead of March 4, 2021 by-elections.

Muthama shared the photo with the caption, “People of Matungu. We look forward to a massive Hustler wave as we gear for the March 4th elections. Hassan Omar, Eliud Owalo na Mimi tuko ground pamoja na nyinyi.”

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed took a jab at the former Machakos Senator, criticizing the Hustler Nation’s narrative.

The MP shared reposted Muthama’s photo captioned, “The hustlers are off to Matungu constituency for campaigns with their Mkokoteni and Wheelbarrow.”

A section of angered Kenyans criticized the politicians for what they termed as preaching water while taking wine, arguing that they should cease from feeding members of the public with ‘fake’ narratives.

Ahmed Mohammed, better known as Asmali, said that the photo had brought about a bad taste, even from a PR perspective.

However, some Kenyans defended the contentious photo, arguing that it was proof enough that one could be born poor and get rich, in defense of the hustler narrative.

According to one David Zawadi, the hustler movement is not about poverty but is premised on the fact that hard work channeled into any field of work within a conducive environment and the right government policies can get one out of poverty.

Lanya will face off in Matungu against ODM’s David Were, ANC’s Peter Oscar Nabulindo, among other candidates.

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