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Muturi dares those who oppose him to initiate a motion to kick him out

There are allegations that lawmakers are plotting to remove National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi. The speculations come just a few days after elders installed Muturi as the Mt Kenya spokesman, a move that did not sit well with most politicians from central Kenya.

Insiders with the information on Muturi’s alleged removal plot claim they are reaching out to their colleagues from the minority to push for the removal. Most people have argued that the attempt to remove Muturi from his seat is a tall order.

Those planning Muturi’s removal promise to reward those that support them. They have also prosed to support one of their own for the lucrative Speaker’s position. They allegedly hold meetings in the home of a governor from Central Kenya and discuss his removal.

Currently, there is a proposal that the opposition should propose a name to replace the National Assembly speaker if they succeed in removing Muturi.

Bring it on

Muturi is unmoved by his critics. He has dared them to go ahead with their plan. The Speaker spoke at the Ack St Marks Ena Day Secondary School in Embu. He said that he was unshaken by the threats.

“Let them bring the motion. I will be the first to sign it. That is a very minor thing, it does not shake me. Let whoever thinks he can approach the threshold try,” Muturi said.

Nelson Koech, the Belgut MP, said that he was aware MPs from the Kieleweke faction orchestrated Muturi’s removal. Additionally, the lawmaker said that Deputy President William Ruto’s allies would not support the removal.

“We have information that  powerful forces outside Parliament are sponsering the plans. They have tasked Kieleweke to execute it. However, because they do not have numbers, they have been sweet-talking former Opposition MPs,” Koech said.

“The grounds they claim to be the reason for the intended removal are that he has started undermining the President who is the only spokesman of Mt Kenya,” he added.

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