Nyoro Pledges Support for Ruto


The member of parliament (MP) for Kiharu Constituency Ndindi Nyoro, has revealed why his choice was the Deputy President instead of the President.

Mr. Nyoro said that in the time when his most need was the help of President Uhuru Kenyatta; his incessant phone calls and texts bore no fruit.

Mr. Nyoro clarified that he will support and campaign for Ruto because he was there for him unlike president Uhuru Kenyatta.  According to him, he needed a mentor when he was pursuing one of the committees’ top seats in the National Assembly.

He confirmed that he did not get what he wanted. However according to him, he met a friend in whom he found a mentor. Therefore, their friendship with Ruto took its course hence he assured him of his continued support come to the general election in 2022.

Mr. Nyoro complained of how he made calls and texts through the vice chair for Jubilee even Mr. David Murathe and Mr. Njee Muturi. Despite having told them that he had an issue that called for their assistance, he claimed that they never responded for a couple of weeks.

Mr. Nyoro barely knew Dr. Ruto then but he dared to reach him to try his luck. According to the MP he sent an introductory message to Dr. Ruto. He heaved a sigh of relief when Dr. William summoned him immediately.

Mr. Nyoro stamped that the mentorship for guidance he desperately needed from Kenyatta he found it in Ruto. Further, he said that he could not read about Uhuru to learn politics since mentorship is more of practical than theory.

Mr. Nyoro though assured of his respect towards the president, he said that his support was for what he termed as ‘sense’ to him. He informed that he was not responsible for how people interpreted; things rather he was responsible for his words and actions.

On the other hand, he hardly agreed on the claims that he followed Dr. Ruto for monetary gain. Mr. Nyoro revealed that he made his money during the era of former President Mwai Kibaki. He clarified that if his quest was money oriented; it was the president that he would follow and not the vice president.

The MP was asked of whether Ruto and Raila would work together but he refuted saying that it would be rather tragic for both to form an alliance. He continued to criticize Raila that his pursuit was for leaders’ worship rather than development in the areas where he had followers.

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