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Obado faulted for defecting to PDP, may lose seat

County Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) officials have faulted Governor Okoth Obado’s alleged defection to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). They are now calling for his expulsion from ODM.

The Migori Governor vied for the seat on an ODM ticket and won. Therefore, his alleged association with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has rubbed ODM officials the wrong way.

Last week, Migori’s ODM leadership gave Obado a 7-day ultimatum to officially resign from the party. They said that if he did not resign, he would face expulsion from ODM.

Philip Makabong’o, the Migori branch chairman, revealed that they had already asked the ODM national office to start the process of expelling Obado. This move is per article 5.4.1(c) of the ODM constitution.

The article states that any member who willingly defects and joins another party relinquishes his seat.

“We already wrote to the secretariat. Additionally, we copied the letter to our party leader and the chairman. The national office will handle whatever has remained. We’ve done our part,” Mr. Makabong’o said.

If ODM agrees with the recommendation of the county officials, Obado will lose his seat immediately and cease to be the Migori Governor.

Edwin Sifuna, the ODM Secretary-General, confirmed that they had received the letter. However, he said that they could not handle the matter immediately because of the Covid-19 restrictions that are in place.

“We will look into the matter when we resume,” the ODM Secretary-General said.

Sources inside ODM said that Obado’s recent moves were giving them a headache. However, they are skeptical about expelling him because they know that it would spark tension in Migori County.

“ODM leadership decided to tame him without causing divisions,” the source said.

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