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Our fortunes are dwindling – Waiguru admits Jubilee is struggling

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru has on Monday 7 June 2021 admitted that the ruling party Jubilee has been struggling for some months now.

The County boss who is a member of Jubilee said that the party carries the dreams and aspirations of many Kenyans.

She added that it was built on the strengths of many and it became what it was because of its diverse and broad support base.

While admitting that Jubilee becoming weak and its fortunes were running out, she went on to call upon a self-analysis.

“The rains have beaten us. Our fortunes are dwindling. Intense introspection is demanded,” read part of her statement.

Waiguru pointed out that as the country prepares for the 2022 general elections; its members must recognize that the Party is now operating in a new context far different from 10 years ago.

She noted that the ruling party now has a much younger generation dominating the electorate.

She stated that Jubilee which is headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta should have an outlook and strategies that must suit the times.

She urged the party members to be willing to step off their comfort zones and embrace new ways of thinking and doing.

She said that the members and supporters need a reenergized Jubilee that projects the face of Kenya in all its diversities.

Waiguru also maintained that the members also be pragmatic and re-open both the sides and back of the tent for people to enter and reenter.

She argued that a lot of futures are tied to the fate of the Party and the members must restore its vision, glory, and stature or contend with predictable consequences.

A few weeks ago Nyeri Township Member of Parliament Wambugu Ngunjiri also admitted that the party was not on the right track as he went on to state that it was time for the party’s revolution and it was reloading.

Jubilee party has endured difficult times of late with the recent one being losing by-elections in Juja, Bonchari Constituencies as well as the Rurii Ward.

The party now faces another challenge as it looks to win the upcoming by-election in Kiambaa but it faces stiff competition from Deputy President William Ruto’s affiliated United Democratic Movement (UDA) party.

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