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‘Raila cannot be trusted’ Kiminini Mp, Chris Wamalwa says

Kiminini MP, Chris Wamalwa, has said that ODM leader, Raila Odinga, cannot be trusted after he refused to back his former NASA co-principals.

Speaking in a phone interview with Citizen TV’s Day Break, Chris Wamalwa said that Raila has shown that he was someone who could not honour a Memorandum of Understanding.

ODM not backing NASA colleagues

Wamalwa was responding to Raila and ODM’s assertion that they would not back any former NASA co-principals. Raila said that Musalia, Kalonzo and Wetangula abandoned him in his time of need.

However, Chris Wamalwa, Acting Secretary-General of Ford-Kenya, thinks differently. Wamalwa said that Raila had killed NASA in the same way he had tried to kill CORD.

Cannot honour MoU

“Raila is someone who cannot honour an MoU; he cannot be trusted,” Wamalwa said. He said that Raila was killing NASA so that he would enter into another agreement for 2022.

“As we move towards 2022, he has been killing NASA so that he enters into another agreement so that he tells people he has a last bullet.”

The fallout between the former united opposition has played out publicly over the last few days. The altercation confirming what many had suspected – that NASA coalition was dead.

The NASA coalition had effectively fallen after the March 2018 handshake between Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta. In the meeting, only Raila was present, leaving out all the other NASA co-principals.

Not all doors are closed

However, Chris Wamalwa said that they would still work with NASA on the condition that he does not get to be their flagbearer.

“We can still work with Raila on the condition that he does not come and tell us about having the last bullet,” Wamalwa said, “He should trust that he doesn’t always have to be the striker. He has no scoring capacity as he keeps scoring outside the goalposts.”

Raila has yet to declare his Presidential bid for 2022. However, many believe that he will give the Presidency yet another stab.

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