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Raila, Ruto and Kenyatta union for 2022 possible, Duale says

Garissa Town MP and former Majority Leader Aden Duale has said that a union of President Kenyatta, Ruto, and Raila for 2022 is not out of the picture.

In the Day Break interview with Citizen, Duale said that there were no permanent enemies in politics. Thus, a reconciliation between the three was not out of the question.

Ruto backs BBI

Duale was speaking a day after Ruto seemed to shift his position on the BBI finally. After appearing to lead a camp against the BBI document, Ruto changed tune over the weekend. Ruto said that his change of position was so that Kenyans could have a non-contested referendum. And Duale noted that this move could see the three unite for the 2022 elections.

On the BBI, Duale said that he was behind the document but that he would not back it blindly. Duale said that if the serious stakeholders, regions, and communities were left out, the document would not build a united nation. He said that while he remained within Jubilee, he would no longer support it if it did not support the people.

He was also critical of the handshake between Raila and President Kenyatta, saying that it killed the government oversight.

Duale’s assessment

In his position as majority leader, Aden Duale had been one of Jubilee’s most vocal proponents. This unwavering support for his political party saw many people say that he was merely a puppet for the party. However, since he lost the Majority Leader’s seat early this year, he had been relatively quiet.

However, he still praised President Kenyatta in his interview. He said the current President would leave behind a legacy of building roads, improving health care, and the war on corruption.

However, Kenya still has critical problems with its healthcare, with doctors set to go on strike in December. The war on corruption also seems targetted, bespeaking of vested interests in the fight against the vice.

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