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Raila’s sister declares interest in Kisumu gubernatorial seat

Ruth Odinga, sister to ODM leader Raila Odinga, has declared an interest in the Kisumu gubernatorial seat in 2022.

Currently, Anyang’ Nyong’o is the Governor of Kisumu County. 

Experts have alleged that there would be a political showdown if both candidates vie for the post.

Speaking during an interview at a local radio station, Ruth Odinga said she intends to campaign for the seat. Ruth Odinga previously served as the Kisumu Deputy Governor between 2013 and 2017.

Ruth argued that she intends to transform Kisumu City for the benefit of all residents. She also urged voters not to vote for or against her based on her political class. Instead, she told them to look at her political manifesto the same way they would look at other political aspirants.

Ruth’s announcement came as a shock to many considering Raila Odinga had endorsed Anyang’ Nyong’o for a second term. At the time, the ODM leader pointed out that the Kisumu Governor had done a fantastic job since residents elected him in 2017.

“Hasn’t Nyong’o done a great job? Are you happy? He deserves five more years,” Raila Odinga said while addressing Kisumu residents last year.

Speaking on the issue, Ruth Odinga said that she was vying on her own merit. She told her rivals not to involve her family in the matter.

“Yes, I am Oginga Odinga’s daughter and sister to Raila. However, I am vying on my own merit,” she said.

Additionally, she revealed that her supporters had reassured her of their support. She acknowledged the fact that politics was ingrained in her blood.

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