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Ruto criticizes President Kenyatta for ballooning public debt

The Deputy President has made a surprising remark by denouncing the government’s heavy borrowing, a move he fiercely defended in the past.

In what could cause more bad blood between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta, the DP criticized the ballooning debt stating it would complicate Kenyans lives and cripple the economy.

“I believe you all know that even unborn babies in this country own our lenders a certain percentage of money,” said Ruto.

The DP was speaking when he attended a Friends Church service (Quakers) at Malava primary school in Kakamega county.

While indicting the government, he helped form; the DP noted that the increasing debt had led to an impoverished population, riddled joblessness, and battered economy.

He added that the reason the government borrowed excessively was because it couldn’t raise revenue. This emanated from the fact that most youths didn’t have jobs; hence they couldn’t pay taxes.

“Empowering our citizens will help not borrow loans from countries like China because the country will have enough revenue. The accrued loans bring us bad luck,” said Ruto.

He further noted that ending the borrowing menace would require the government to empower youth in rural areas with lucrative businesses.

Ruto and President Uhuru haven’t been seeing eye to eye, and the remarks come barely a few days after the President dared him to resign.

Surprising U-turn

The DPs scathing attacks on the government’s borrowing has left many shocked since he mercilessly victimized anyone who attacked the Jubilee party.

During the Ksh 250 billion scandal, Ruto accused Raila of malice while vowing that no shilling had gone missing.

A few days before the 2018 handshake, Ruto defended the Jubilee government’s borrowing and said the country could pay back the debt.

He promised Kenyans that the government would come up with projects that would help the country’s economy.

Since ascending to power in 2013, the Jubilee government has borrowed money endlessly.

During a senate committee hearing on Monday, Haron Sirma, director-general of public debt management, said the country’s debt in December last year stood at 7.28 trillion.

President Uhuru’s government inherited a slight debt of Ksh 1.8 trillion from Kibaki’s government. This shows that the Jubilee government has borrowed Ksh 5.48 trillion in the last eight years.

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