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Ruto plans to tour Raila’s backyard to popularize Presidential bid

Deputy President William Ruto plans to visit Raila’s turf to drum up support for the “hustler movement.”

During his visit, the DP will address youth and women empowerment while gracing church functions in Migori next month.

Ruto will visit Kuria West and Kuria East constituencies. Mathias Robi, the Kuria East legislature, said he would give Ruto a deserving reception.

He noted that previously, Ruto visited the area for development plans.

“The DP will visit our region in March. Kuria residents are looking forward to receiving him. He is coming to empower women and the youth because he has the interest of our people at heart,” said Robi.

William Ruto plans to visit ODM strongholds when Raila’s former strategist says Luo Nyanza owes the DP a political debt, which they should pay in 2022.

While speaking to the Star on Monday, Eliud Owalo said Ruto supported Raila’s Presidential bid in 2007 and ensured the entire Rift Valley gave him the necessary votes.

He said that Raila was baptized as “Arap Mibei”, which helped end the animosity between Kalenjins and Luos.

Owalo, Ruto’s point man in Nyanza, said the 2022 Presidential race would centre on development agendas and not bedroom politics.

“We believe that having Ruto as a President will see us have a responsive and all-inclusive government that addresses the problems faced by Kenyans,” he said.

Owalo has previously worked with Mudavadi’s ANC and for Raila. He reiterated that having Ruto as President is the only way to achieve equity in development despite the voting patterns.

He added that Luo Nyanza was ready for a change that was devoid of parochial and retrogressive politics.

Eliud Owalo noted that the DP would soon start his tour of the lakeside region to sell his plan to those areas.

In the last two years, William Ruto sent his allies, including son Nick Ruto to grace fundraisers in the lakeside counties. They have additionally engaged in various social activities within Luo Nyanza.

However, he has personally frequented the South Nyanza region that encompasses Nyamira and Kisii counties.

The Constitutional requirement demands that a Presidential candidate be declared a winner upon getting 25 per cent of votes cast in each of more than half of the constituencies and garnering more than 50% of the cast votes.

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