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UDA declares dispute over Jubilee Party plans to sever ties

The Ruto-linked Party, United Democratic Alliance (UDA), has written to the Registrar of Political Parties (RPP), declaring a dispute with Jubilee Party.

In the statement sent out today, written by UDA Secretary-General Veronica Maina, the Party admitted having received the letter by Jubilee SG Raphael Tuju.

Declaration of dispute

Maina said that UDA was declaring a dispute as per the constitutional provisions of Section 10 (4) of the Political Parties Act number 11 of 2012. They were also arguing as per the provisions of Article 6 of the said Coalition agreement.

“As provided for in the coalition agreement given to your office on 30th May 2018… and further pursuant of the Article six provisions of the said Coalition agreement, we, therefore, have declared a dispute,” Maina wrote.

UDA stated that they would let the relevant organs of the coalition parties take the appropriate arbitration process. The process would be to resolve the dispute and then update the RPP after that.

UDA also stated that Deputy Minority Leader, Fatuma Dullo, would continue to hold office until the dispute arbitration panel determined the coalition’s fate.

Jubilee seeks divorce

The Jubilee Party, through Tuju, had announced a few days ago their decision to sever ties with UDA, formerly PDR (Party of Democratic Reforms). In writing to RPP head, Ann Nderitu, Tuju said it was improper for Jubilee to complete the coalition as all PDR officials were replaced.

In the statement, Jubilee said that it had a pre-election agreement with PDR and not UDA, hence the move to sever ties. Jubilee also cited ‘hostilities’ and the lack of ‘harmonised visions’ between both parties, among other reasons, as causes for the desire to sever ties.

William Ruto is yet to officially declare himself as part of UDA. However, the Party using his ‘Hustler nation slogan’ and wheelbarrow as its symbol, two of Ruto’s themes for 2022.

The handshake between President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga has seen Ruto systematically get sidelined in his government.

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