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‘Uncalled for’ Nandi Senator criticises President Kenyatta Madaraka Day speech

Nandi Senator, Samson Cherargei, has termed President Kenyatta’s speech on the judiciary on Madaraka Day on June 1st as ‘uncalled for.’

During his speech during the Madaraka Day celebrations, President Kenyatta expressed his displeasure at the Judicial ruling on the BBI a few weeks ago.

The will of the people

President Kenyatta accused the judiciary of subverting the ‘will of the people through its ruling. He even brought back the 2017 nullification of the Presidential Election by the Supreme Court. Many then viewed his words and actions as threats to the judiciary.

Speaking to Citizen TV’s Day Break, Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei said that the President’s speech was uncalled for. He stated that having gotten into public office, the President was no longer a private citizen. A popular initiative, then, was to begin from individuals.

“When all of us become state officers, we are no longer private citizens,” Cherargei said, “As a state officer, there are some things you can’t do. Therefore, if the President wanted to review the constitution, as a party leader, he could have used the parliamentary process, a safer route.”

Undermining the Judiciary

On the President’s criticism of the Judiciary, Cherargei said that constructive criticism was necessary. However, the President’s speech came out as an attack on the judiciary, which he termed a systematic undermining of the judiciary.

“What the President did on Madaraka Day was uncalled for,” Cherargei said, “We should call him out. If he needs to prosecute his appeal matters, let him use his lawyers and raise the constitutional issues in an appeal.”

Cherargei was responding to Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s assertion that there was nothing wrong with the President’s push for BBI.

Mutua said that he had the right to bring forth a popular initiative as a citizen of the country. Thus, while he agreed with the court ruling, he ‘was perplexed’ by the verdict on who could bring forth a popular initiative.

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