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Wajir MCAs move to impeach their Governor, say his wife runs County affairs

Wajir Members of County Assembly (MCAs) have moved to impeach Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud for the second time in eight months.

Tulatula MCA Abdullahi Isack sponsored the impeachment motion that 34 MCAs have signed so far. The motion accuses the Wajir Governor of gross misconduct, abuse of office, and corruption. The MCAs also accuse the Governor of delegating his duties to his wife.

“The governor allows his wife to run county affairs as a de facto authority. He ceremoniously officiates and signs off where necessary for decisions that his wife makes. She bases the decisions on her own wishes and judgment and does not consider the law,” Abdullahi Isack said.

Additionally, the MCA said that the Governor delegating duties to his wife is an open secret in Wajir. He noted that the wife,  Mrs. Kheira Omar, is the supreme leader. According to him, whatever she wants or says is what will happen. The MCA claimed that the situation ‘brought ridicule and disrepute to the Office of the Governor.’

MCAs also faulted the Governor for failing to provide quarterly expenditure reports. They said that failure to produce reports violates the Public Finance Management Act, 2012.

Another accusation that the Wajir Governor is facing is incurring “unsustainable debts and pending obligations to the tune of Sh2 billion”. Additionally, he allegedly failed to draft the medium-term strategy for the current financial year.

Mr. Abdullahi Isack said that failure to have a plan put the County in a bad financial position. There is no budget to run affairs.

County Assembly Speaker Ibrahim Yakub confirmed that he had received the impeachment motion. He also acknowledged that it meets the legal requirements and would go through the normal process.

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