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William Ruto on why he changed tune on BBI

Deputy President William Ruto has given his reasons for why he changed tune and is now backing the BBI.

Ruto had appeared to be heading to full opposition of the document, as his allies urged him to decamp from government fully. That way, he would then lead his support base to reject the BBI altogether.

However, yesterday, Ruto sent out a tweet pic with Article 11A of the BBI document, saying it was a win for hustlers. This move shocked many, but Ruto has revealed why he chose to change the tune.

Constitutional duty to President

In another tweet, yesterday evening, he said that he had a Constitutional duty to support his boss, President Kenyatta.

Kenyatta, along with Raila, is the two principals who came up the BBI. Ruto said that they had made improvements on the document. Furthermore, he said that they were working on a consensus. The consensus, he said, would have Kenyans decide on whether to back BBI without falling into yes or no camps.

“We avoided a lose-lose, we can overcome a win-lose to achieve a win-win,” he concluded.

DP mocks opponents

Before that, Ruto had derided his political opponents. Ruto had said that his change of tune on the BBI was ‘a nightmare’ to them. He stated that they had aimed to for a divisive referendum, with a consensus not being what they had hoped for.

Indeed, many of his backers have also changed tune, with some politicians from Rift Valley, where Ruto enjoys a vast following, now warming up to the BBI.

1 m signature collection starts

The exercise of collecting signatures has begun in various parts of the country, aiming to collect 1 million signatures. The signatures will show that Kenyans approve of the BBI referendum.

However, despite that, Raila Odinga appears not to be entirely on board working with Ruto. The nation quoted Raila as saying he did not trust Ruto.

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