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PS Kibicho speaks on his battle with Covid-19

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho has opened up about his battle with Covid-19. Speaking at a funeral service in Gathuthuini Primary School in Kirinyaga County, the PS revealed that he at some point tested positive for the virus.

He said that when he tested positive, he got admitted at a hospital, received treatment, and the hospital discharged him when he got better.

Kibicho encouraged everyone who has tested positive for Covid-19. He told them that they would get better. He noted that he was a living example that Covid-19 was not a death sentence. Additionally, he revealed that out of every 100 people that test positive for Covid-19, only two succumb to it.

The Interior PS also encouraged Kenyans to get the Covid-19 test. He said that knowing their status is essential for them to receive treatment.

Kibicho also urged Kenyans not to stigmatize against Covid-19 patients. He said that instead of rejecting them, they should show them, love. He noted that when abandoned, Covid-19 patients take much longer to recover because of depression.

Ministry of Health protocols

Interior PS Kibicho urged everyone to observe protocols that the Ministry of Health has put in place. He reiterated the importance of wearing masks properly and observing social distance. He also insisted on washing hands and sanitizing and washing hands to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

The PS said that if it were up to him, he would lock down Nairobi during the festive season in order to contain the virus. He noted that allowing people to travel to rural areas only exposes people there.

Currently, 81,656 people have tested positive for the virus. Out of this number, 1,441 have died and 54,125 recovered.

PS Kibicho’s revelation comes weeks after Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna narrated his near-death experience. He also contracted Covid-19. Oguna narrated about the excruciating pain he had in his chest the day his family took him to hospital. He noted that he was grateful to be alive.

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