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Put your interests first, Gideon tells Kenyans

Baringo senator and Kanu chairman Gideon Moi addresses residents of Iten town in Elgeyo Marakwet County. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has urged Kenyans to put their interests ahead of those of politicians as the country goes to the polls next year.

Addressing residents in Iten town, Elgeyo Marakwet County, Gideon said victory at the end of the ongoing political games belongs to all Kenyans and not the leaders.

The senator, who was jubilantly received by residents, said those vying for various political seats should be ready to accept the outcome of the elections.

Gideon, who is the Kanu party national chairman, urged Kenyans not to look at a particular individual but instead think about themselves.

“The winner in the race are you, the people. Do not look at me or any other leader. Think about yourself, think about your life,” Gideon said.

The senator, who was received jubilantly by the residents, said those vying for various political seats should be ready to accept the outcome of the elections.

He told residents, who are mainly farmers, that the One Kenya Alliance would guarantee them minimum return if it wins the election. Farmers, he said, would be able to know the value of the crop in their farms.

He said corrupt individuals would be dealt with in line with the law.

“As Kanu and as OKA,” he said, “corruption will not have room.”

He said citizens should not be deprived of their rights at the expense of the few individuals who steal for their own benefit.

The senator said he would ensure the Kalenjin community is not locked out of government.

“We cannot afford as Kalenjin community to be in opposition; we have a lot that need to be addressed hence the need for you to be vigilant,” he said.

Kanu Secretary-General Nick Salat said they would have a presidential candidate.

Salat urged residents to stand with Kanu in the coming elections, adding that they had over the years supported other parties and it was now their turn to be supported.

“We will take care of your needs. We are on a mission on your behalf and we have to be in government. Give us a chance as Kanu, I beseech you,” he said.

Baringo Woman Representative Gladwell Cheruiyot said Kanu was not a visitor in the region. 

Ms Cheruiyot called on the residents to be united and support Gideon in his political journey. She also urged them to pick leaders for themselves, and not for an individual. 

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