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Raila comments on Ruto’s change of tune regarding BBI

ODM leader Raila Odinga has aired his sentiments on the Deputy President’s change of tune regarding the Building Bridges Initiative.

On 28th November, Deputy President Wiliam Ruto made certain comments insinuating that he had a change of heart regarding the report. However, the Deputy President has since clarified that his growing support for various sections of the report is simply because of his position as Deputy President.

Raila claimed that Ruto’s interview with the local dailies was insincere. He noted that a country couldn’t have a non-contested referendum.

The former Prime Minister also said that Ruto’s current mind-shift to what happened with the 2010 constitution. He recalled how Ruto changed his mind. He was previously supporting the new constitution but changed his mind in the events preceding the promulgation of the new constitution.

Raila Odinga said that Ruto was following the 2010 script where he signed the Naivasha Declaration but decided to campaign for ‘No’.

Raila said that despite having a contested referendum, they still won. He further claimed that Ruto has a nature of opposing bills, but that was his democratic right.

Raila also said that Ruto had a chance to give his proposals on the BBI report. He alleged that the Deputy President had the chance to have his proposals included in the report, but he squandered it.

The ODM leader said that anyone who had a change of heart like the Deputy President was welcome to join. He quoted the phrase ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’.

Constitutional duty

Speaking during an interview, Deputy President William Ruto said that he was only performing his constitutional duty. He claimed that he needed to assist the Head of State. Additionally, he said that the goal was to reach a consensus and let Kenyans make their choice.

“I have a constitutional duty to assist my boss, the President. We have made improvements to BBI report after the Bomas event,” Ruto said.

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