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Raila’s tweet about reggae leaves Kenyans in stitches

Former Prime Minister’s tweet about “reggae music again” has left Netizens in stitches.

“What are you listening to? I woke up to Busy Signal’s reggae music again hit,” posed Raila.

Raila’s joy comes after more than 24 counties passed the Building Bridges Initiative Bill before it goes to the next stage.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, Raila used the slogan “no one can stop reggae” to promote the BBI agenda.

The song was sung by the late South African’s musician Lucky Dube. Reggae, a music genre developed in the 1930s in Jamaica, has deep links with the Afrocentric religion.

Following the passing of the Bill, Raila has exuded confidence that the country would hold a referendum.

Raila thanked MCAs for taking the needed action that had brought the country close to the referendum. According to the BBI secretariat, the referendum should happen in June this year.

In a statement sent to newsrooms on Tuesday, the African Union’s special envoy for infrastructure and said assemblies stood firm despite the propaganda and misinformation surrounding the BBI.

“I would like to thank members of count assemblies for standing firm. I also thank our governors for ensuring that that cynicism, mistrust, fear-mongering, and brinkmanship didn’t sway them; instead, they chose to pass the Bill resoundingly,” said Raila. 

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