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Rains set to reduce between Friday and Saturday – Kenya Met says

There is good news from the weather department after the Kenya Meteorological department announced that the rain intensity across the country would reduce from Friday.

Heavy rains have been pounding various parts of the country over the week, with flooding witnessed in various places, including Nairobi’s capital city.

Gradual reduction

However, in a briefing on Friday, the Kenya Meteorological Department has said that the rain intensity will start reducing from Friday, May 14. The parts that will see the most significant change in intensity will be Nairobi, East, West, and Central Rift Valley, parts of Ukambani, and the Lake Victoria basin.

However, they said that the changes would be gradual on Friday, with the biggest shift in rainfall set for Saturday, May 15.

“The heavy rains of more than 30 mm within 24 hours observed over some parts of the Highlands West of Rift Valley, the Northwest, Central Rift Valley, the South-eastern Lowlands, Northeast, and the Rift Valley Highlands East, including Nairobi, will witness reduced intensities,” Kenya Met said.

Flooding, mudslides and landslides

However, the weathermen warned that due to high water levels already witnessed in rivers and water retention areas, the rains would likely cause flooding over flood plains and other areas with poor drainage.

Furthermore, there would be mudslides and landslides in the hilly areas of the Highlands West and Highlands East of Rift Valley. They said this would occur due to already saturated soils.

“Remember to observe safety precautions when parking your car. Stay safe,” the weather department said.

The heavy rains have wreaked havoc in various parts of the country, with fatalities reported in Kibra, Nairobi. Heavy rains on Thursday night swept people and animals while crossing the Mutuine River in Kibra. Authorities recovered two bodies in the river and are searching for possibly two more bodies.

Kenya is currently experiencing the long rain season, experienced between March and April. The weathermen predict that the season could end during May, except for the Coastal and Western regions in Kenya.

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