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Referendum to take place in June

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) reached the 24-county constitutional threshold it requires to secure a plebiscite to amend the Constitution. Therefore, the country will have a referendum as early as June this year.

Despite this new development, the Bill will still have to go through Parliament and the Senate. However, BBI supporters are confident that it will pass.

Junet Mohammed, the National Assembly minority whip, revealed that they intend to roll out countrywide tours to educate Kenyans about the document.

“From 1st March, we are rolling out countrywide tours to take BBI to the people. We are confident that the assemblies will pass the document by a big number, we will be rolling out grand plans to tell to the people what is in the document and counter any propaganda out there,” he said.

BBI supporters will hold several rallies to convince Kenyans to vote for it during the referendum. Dennis Waweru, the BBI secretariat co-chairman said that they are happy to be within the timelines.

“We emphasize that we are within the timelines we had communicated earlier, and we are on course to hold the referendum by June 2021. Additionally, we are confident we will obtain approvals from at least 35 county assemblies,” he said.

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