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Rehab center sued for holding lover without partner’s consent

A Nakuru man, Christopher Nyanjom, has sued John Mututho Empowerment Center (Jomec) for keeping his lover Georgina Jebet since November 5, 2020, without his permission.

The center offers rehabilitation to individuals struggling with alcoholism, substance and drug abuse, and those with mental health conditions.

Nyanja filed a petition in the Nakuru High Court, stating that he took his fiancée to the funeral of one of their relative at Kampi ya Moto in Nakuru. On the next day, officers from Jomec and his fiancée’s relatives abducted Jebet and forcefully took her to the rehab against her wishes without consulting Mr. Nyanjom.

“The unidentified officers took Jebet and said that they were taking her to a hotel near Jomec only to take her to the facility,” the petition read.

Nyanja claimed that Jomec center is holding his lover under the pretense that she is undergoing rehabilitation. He now wants the court to make the center release her unconditionally. The man is looking for orders from the court to allow him to engage the services of an independent mental and general health medic to determine whether Jebet needs rehab or not.

“Nyanjom wants orders for an independent general and mental health doctor to assess Jebet and conclude her general and mental health fitness and have the report filed in court,” read the petition.

Denied Access

Nyanja wants the court to order a physica

Nakuru Law Courts

l and mental analysis of his fiancee. He also wants to have permission to speak to her and have access to her with no restrictions.

The man argues that the rehab center has denied him and any of her friends’ access to Jebet.

“The petitioner was denied any right of access or communication in any way with Jebet despite making several visits to the institution,” the petition read.

Nyanja claimed that on November 12, 2020, he, together with an advocate, was denied permission to see Jebet at the center. He now pleads with the court to let justice prevail as his fiancee is being exposed to psychological and physical torture and even risks contracting Covid-19 now that the virus is spreading widely.

The case will be heard and determined on November 24, 2020.

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