Home News Reprieve for Sonko as MCAs pledge loyalty to him after police drama

Reprieve for Sonko as MCAs pledge loyalty to him after police drama

Following Sonko’s dramatic experience with police officers yesterday, several MCAs in Nairobi County have pledged their loyalty to him.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was in a meeting with MCAs who support him when police officers arrived at the meeting in six Land Cruisers. The officers dispersed the meeting citing violation of Covid-19 rules. They fired teargas at the MCAs who had assembled at Riverside Estate in Lavington.

Governor Sonko shared a live footage of MCAs pledging their loyalty to him on his official Facebook page.

Several MCAs declared their support for the Governor as the County Chief. Some of them include; Anne Thumbi, Peter Wahinya Kimuhu, and Mary Njambi.

The MCAs said that they were not afraid of standing in solidarity with the Governor. They claimed to know the rerason for his impeachment was that he refused to accept an illegality.

Kennedy Obuya, Imara Daima MCA, condemned the police officers for their actions. He noted that firing teargas at MCAs who had assembled for the meeting was uncalled for.

Fake signatures

Ngando Ward MCA Peter Wahinya Kimuhu said that they had resolved to shoot down the impeachment motion against Governor Mike Sonko.  The MCA said that a total of 92 MCAs had decided not to attend the hearing of the impeachment motion against Governor Sonko. Consequently, there would be no quorum.

Mr Kimuhu also said that the claims of 86 out of 122 MCAs signing the impeachment motion were untrue. He went ahead to say that the signatures purportedly collected were fake. Additionally, he said that the MCA collected signatures from a Kamkunji meeting two weeks ago.

Sonko’s allies said that 82 MCAs have since sworn affidavits stating that the signatures on the impeachment motion are not theirs.

Governor Mike Sonko said that there are certain cartels working to oust him from office. The said cartels allegedly threatened that he would go down swinging.

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