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Retired KDF boss narrates how bodaboda riders almost lynched him

General Julius Karangi, the retired Chief of Defence Forces on Friday narrated how bodaboda operators almost lynched him one month ago.

The General was speaking at a funeral in Kirinyaga where he was involved in an accident with one of the riders.

According to General Karangi, an overspeeding bodaboda hit his vehicles, and within a few minutes, many of them surrounded his car, threatening to lynch him and burn his car.

He raised his concerns saying they only left after he lowered his vehicle window and removed his face mask. He advised bodaboda riders to desist from taking the law into their own hands.

“Suppose it was one of you, imagine what could have happened. Almost 500 bodabodas had surrounded my vehicle threatening to kill me,” narrated General Karangi.

The retired General spoke at the funeral of 75-year-old, Stephen Mucheru Ngotho, who passed away after being knocked down by a bodaboda rider.

Currently, General Karangi serves as the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) chairman. He requested law enforcers and locals to join hands in helping bodaboda operators improve their livelihoods.

He encouraged their parents and guardians to talk to them, in that as much as they looked for ways to fend for themselves, they needed to respect the law.

Obey the law or face consequences.

Patrick Lumumba, the Central region Police Commander who was also in attendance, warned bodaboda operators that if they didn’t observe the law, they would face dire consequences.

Lumumba added that some riders operated under the influence of drugs, while others didn’t observe traffic rules.

Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri also attended the burial ceremony. Others present included former Inspector of General Police Joseph Boinett and Othaya member of parliament Gichuki Mugambi.

On Thursday, treatment at the Kimbimbi Sub-county Hospital in Mwea stopped temporarily after 300 bodaboda operators stormed the facility.

They took out a patient who was undergoing treatment, frogmarched him 30 kilometres before lynching him.

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