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Robbers ambush family as they plan to bury victims of the Kiambu murders

Robbers ambushed the mourning family whose family members were brutally killed in Kiambu. The family members have asked the government to provide security for them until they bury their loved ones.

Two thugs allegedly ambushed the family home yesterday. According to them, the thugs wanted to steal money that they had raised for funeral expenses.

One neighbor, Allan Warunge, told news reporters that security guards alerted him that there were two intruders in the family home.

“Security guards alerted me at around 12:30 at night that there two people who wanted to open the gate. One was on the left side and the other one on the right side. I called the chief immediately, and he called the OCPD. They acted with speed,” Mr. Warunge said.

Mr. Warunge said that the government should provide security for the family. Additionally, he said that they fear for their lives.

We cannot sleep because we keep feeling like we will be attacked. The security guards fear that there were more than two people who came to the house,” he said.

Muchiri Nyaga, the Kiambaa OCPD, confirmed the incident. He said that they wanted to steal money. However, there was no money in the home.

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