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Royal Media Services employees banned from certain side hustles

Royal Media Services (RMS) employees are no longer free to engage in certain side hustles. The organization issued an internal memo outlining what it expects from its employees.

In the memo, RMS started by appreciating the various brands in its family. The organization noted that employees losing their talents in corporate and personal activities reflect its overall brand.

“These guidelines endeavour to facilitate and promote the effective and proper use of all talents and staff within the RMS brand umbrella. Additionally, they will protect RMS reputation and brand,” the memo reads in part.

“This means that you must apply common sense. It would be best if you did not use a strict legal interpretation to justify accepting an advertiser or sponsor which the guidelines intended to stop,” another part reads.

Royal Media Services has prohibited employees from advertising alcohol products, faith/ religion, political candidates, and political parties.

Additionally, the organization asked employees to seek approval from their departmental heads before taking part in advertisements or events of specific categories. The categories include; ads that deal with controversial subjects,  Master of Ceremony in events, and ads that could compromise the RMS editorial policy.

“The person who approves will consider whether the proposal meets the principles in these guidelines. This is concerning the RMS impartiality and brand protection,” part of the memo reads.

The company also noted that they would separate advertisements that feature a regular TV/ radio host from their programmes.

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