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Ruto helped me choose BBI committee members – Uhuru reveals

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday 26 October 2020 disclosed that his deputy William Ruto was involved in the progress from handshake to the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

During the official launch of the BBI, the Head of State thanked William Ruto for being part and parcel of the process mentioning that he helped him choose some of the BBI committee members.

“I also want to thank my deputy because all along that path I kept him abreast with what was going on and he was part and parcel of the process; in fact, he helped me identify some of the wazees I have mentioned.”

“And I told him, just I did with honorable Raila Odinga that the purpose [of BBI] was not to focus on what will happen in 2022 but an extension of what we did together in 2013 so that we can bring all of us on board and avoid situations where any Kenyan is left behind,” the President disclosed.

Uhuru Kenyatta went on to respond to William Ruto’s change of mind on the BBI report explaining that all was good at first but his Presidential ambitions clouded his judgment.

He noted that William Ruto forgot everything else that they were to achieve but told him to relax and focus on the promises they made to Kenyans.

He stated that the DP was running backward instead of running forward.

“Tulisonga pamoja, hapa katikati ndio 2022 ilianza kuleta shida akasahau yale mengine na ndio nasema tutulize boli, haya bado yatakuja. Miaka hairudi nyuma… Race ni ile ya relay, unakimbia na yule ambaye anafaa kupokea anakungojea mahali anfaa kuwa ndio ashike aendelee. Lakini my brother William hapa amepinduka ameanza kukimbia nyuma,” the President said to the amusement of his listeners.

William Ruto has for a long time been at the forefront of criticizing the BBI report claiming that it only recognizes those in power and not the common mwananchi who he refers to as hustlers.

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