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Ruto skips on BBI signature event, maintains consensus call

Deputy President William Ruto was conspicuously missing during the signature launch of the BBI.

Having become somewhat of a third wheel in the new-found bromance between President Kenyatta and Raila, Ruto has been pushing against the BBI in its current form since its inception.

Calling for Amendment of BBI

While the Deputy made his appearance at the launch of the document on October 26th¬†and even managed to get opposing views, he was absent from today’s event.

Ruto has been one of the people calling for an amendment to the document. Ruto, however, has often stated that he was not against the document. In fact, he had recently said that he would not lead the ‘no’ campaign in the proposed referendum. This stand is despite his allies pushing him to go full in opposing it and form a ‘no’ camp.

Ruto maintains call for consensus

In a tweet sent out today, Ruto maintained that there remained a chance for a non-divisive referendum. He said that referendum would give Kenyans an opportunity to express themselves without splitting them into ‘yes’ and ‘no’ factions.

“Even with the signature launch, there is still a real chance at a consensus for a non-divisive referendum that will give Kenyans the opportunity to express themselves without an Us vs. Them, win vs. lose contest. Unity is the strength needed to fight COVID-19 and organise the economy.” William Ruto wrote on Twitter.

Condemns DCI move

Ruto had also come out against DCI’s move to reopen cases into the 2007/08 violence yesterday. In a statement, Ruto said that the move risked inciting ethnic hate and divisions. He termed the move as an attempt to resurrect ‘the tribe project.’ He said that the move was because the ‘Hustler Movement’ had opened Kenyans to the reality that poverty and unemployment were due to poor leadership.

Ruto has been part of Jubilee for the last seven years. However, he has since begun speaking out against his government after the Handshake. Perhaps, that is why he remains adamant about coming out fully in opposing the BBI. However, his allies seem to fully embrace being against BBI.

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