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Ruto urges for focus shift to COVID vaccination after High Court ruling on BBI

Deputy President, William Ruto, has now rallied the government to focus on vaccination people after the Court ruling on BBI.

In a tweet he wrote on Friday afternoon, Ruto stated that Kenya’s democracy was anchored in the rule of law. Thus, it was up to all patriotic citizens to defend the Constitution, like the Judiciary.

Rule of Law

“Our democracy is anchored on the Rule of Law, constitutionalism, and separation of powers,” Ruto said, “…All patriotic citizens must defend these tenets as the Judiciary did. Now let us focus on COVID vaccination, economic recovery, the big 4 and staying united.”

Ruto had, on Thursday evening, appeared to have a muted celebration after the High Court ruled that the BBI process was an illegality.

“There is God in heaven who loves Kenya immeasurably,” Ruto said, “May God’s name be praised forever.”

Ruto, who is still part of the Jubilee government, has been lukewarm to the BBI, though he has never publicly opposed it.

BBI Ruling shocker

On Thursday evening, a five-judge bench comprising Justices Joel Ngugi (Presiding judge), Teresia Matheka, Vincent Odunga, Chacha Mwita, and Jairus Ngaah ruled the BBI as unconstitutional.

In their judgement, the High Court said that the President had no authority under the Kenyan Constitution to initiate changes to the Constitution.

The BBI is an initiative of President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

Usurping people’s Sovereign Power

Thus, they ruled that the entire BBI process was ‘unconstitutionally done’ and had usurped the Sovereign Power of the People of Kenya.

Furthermore, they also declared that President Uhuru Kenyatta had contravened Chapter 6 of the Kenyan Constitution by initiating and promoting the constitutional change process. This was contrary to the provisions of the Constitution on the amendment of the Constitution.

The ruling came just days after the Senate passed the BBI by a landslide. This followed the National Assembly passing the same a few days earlier, also by the majority.

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