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Ruto’s presidential bid strengthens after youth launch the Wasupa na Ruto Movement

Deputy President William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid seems to be getting stronger after a youthful group of ladies decided to join his team.

The group, dubbed Wasupa na Ruto, officially launched on Monday the 30th of November 2020. The ladies group released its mantra and manifesto, further revealing that it has four branches; one in Mombasa, Kirinyaga, Nyandarau, and Embu.

According to Sussana Mwende Muthoni, the group’s head, Ruto is the best candidate for the 2022 presidential elections. She went on to express her confidence that Ruto would cater to the youths.

“As a youth, we don’t need tax holidays; we need jobs. We are solely focused on ensuring Ruto gets to become the country’s 5th president as he will deliver on this and more,” Mwende explained.

The female group also disclosed that they have intentions to run for politics come 2022. They went on to explain that it now time for the youth to take up leadership positions in the country.

“We as the youth have the capacity and the numbers to effect change,” Anne Karimi stated.

She also revealed that the group is ready to work with politicians who share the same ideas with them. Karimi also announced that she would be vying for Embu women representative position come 2022. She went on to urge youths to support their fellow youths.

Karimi also urged voters to turn up and vote out the leaders they do not want. According to her, people should stop hurling words at each other but instead turn out to vote.

During the launch, the young ladies were in matching teeshirts with the words “Wasupa na Ruto” and a large matching banner in the background.

Deputy Presidnet William Ruto has always been targeting youths in his political campaigns across the country. He quickly gained youths on his side when he started giving them wheelbarrows and mkokotenis in political gatherings.

According to the second in command, youths should start depending on themselves through self-employment.

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