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Ruto’s priude will be the cause of his downfall, Governor Mutua says.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has alleged that Deputy President William Ruto’s pride would cause his downfall. The Governor claimed that if Ruto were humble, he would win the 2022 general elections.

The Machakos Governor noted that Deputy President should play a supporting role to his senior.

“The problem with the Deputy President is that he was not humble. Deputies need to be in the background supporting. They should not compete with their bosses,” Mutua said during an interview.

Mutua noted that former President Daniel Arap Moi became President because he was a humble deputy during Jomo Kenyatta’s tenure.

“If you’re working together, that is how you do a transition. However, if someone is a dictator the story changes,” Mutua said.

“If you’re greedy now you will always be greedy. We don’t want a greedy person to hold our pot,” he added.

Mutua urged Kenyans not to elect leaders that they are not sure of. He noted that Kenyans’ votes would determine whether the situation remains as it is or there will be an improvement.

Additionally, Mutua said that Kenyans should not blame the handshake for the Jubilee government’s failures. He pointed out that the handshake only took place recently.

The governor also questioned why Ruto claims he will be a better leader, yet he and Uhuru have been in government for seven years.

“Uhuru and Ruto have led together for seven years. What did they do that he (Ruto) says he will do better yet he has been in charge?” Mutua questioned.

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