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Ruto’s tough questions at BBI launch as document is officially unveiled

Deputy President William Ruto may be unceremoniously being dumped out of his own government but that did not stop him from making his presence felt at the BBI launch.

While he had shown publicly that he was not very welcoming of the document, Ruto went all out at the podium in Bomas of Kenya.

Appointment of Prime Minister

One of the questions he posed was regards to the proposal by BBI that the President was to appoint a Premier from the winning coalition. This appointment, they said, was to ensure the winner doesn’t take all.

“I’ve confessed I’m a scientist but I’m a bit slow,” Ruto started, “Explain to me how having a President who will appoint the Prime Minister from the winning coalition and runners up being opposition leader will sort out the ‘winner-take-all’ question.” Ruto posed.

IEBC commissioners appointments

Furthermore, he questioned the validity of political parties appointing IEBC commissioners. Ruto, through a football analogy, said that such a move would not result in fair elections.

“On the appointment of IEBC commissioners. My brother, Raila Odinga, is good at football. So let me ask; How fair a league will it be where the referee is appointed by some teams?” The DP posed, “Unless you persuade me that we will end up with a fair game, I have my reservations.”

Ruto’s criticism of the BBI saw him heckled, but the validity of his arguments are what other Kenyans have raised.

Kenya’s civil society

Kenya’s civil society and activists have raised similar questions on the BBI, with their voices often drowned out with political noises. What DP Ruto asked was not new. Since the document became public last week, these are the questions that many have been asking.

However, based on the influence of those proposing the BBI, passing the BBI may be more a formality.

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