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Sacked K24 Employees Finally Laugh All The Way to The Bank

  • After days of waiting for the company to release their lay off dues, finally the money has gotten into the former employees accounts.

    According to a source, money started trickling into their accounts November 14 early in the morning, something that put to an end the long wait by the over 160 employees.

    First to receive the money were members of NCBA Bank that is the Company’s priority Bank whereas members of other banks started receiving the money hours later.

    Dsm Place. Employees laid of on November 30 have been paid all their dues.
    Dsm Place, Kijabe street. Employees laid of on November 30 have been paid all their dues.

    According to the source the company was under pressure in fulfilling the payments amounting to millions of money after the rushed layoff process that happened on October 30th.

    The payments have been done after days of waiting that had led the affected employees into uncertainties of receiving their dues given the different communications that have been getting to them through the office of the Human Resource from the company.

    The layoff process affected all departments in the company, the worst hit being editorial departments of K24 Tv, Kameme Tv, People Daily Newspaper and Kameme Fm.

    Some of the big names that fell from the Dsm-Based media house include Business Editor Tony Timase, Sports Editor Torome Tirike, Senior Reporters Franklin Macharia and Andas Ihachi, Anchors Juma Bhalo and Mwanaisha Chidzuga amongst other reporters and senior editors.

    The station’s executives resorted to the move, explaining that it was repositioning itself in the wake of the prevailing economic downturn and loss of major revenue streams.

    K24 LOGO. The station relaunched in a bid to put up competition with rival stations.
    K24 LOGO. The station relaunched in a bid to put up competition with rival stations.

    The layoff exercise took place immediately after the coming in of the new Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ken Ngaruiya taking over from former CEO Ian Fernandes who left on July 14 citing personal interests.

    The company continues to undertake various measures with the aim of increasing profitability and reducing expenses at a moment when Media companies have been facing hard economic times and much competition from rival stations that continue to grow in number. 

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