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Samples reveal that man who died in matatu was not suffering from Covid-19

Contrary to public opinion, the man who died aboard a matatu along Mombasa road did not die of Covid-19 complications. 57-year-old Leonard Odhiambo died on Tuesday, 24th November.

Medics have revealed that the samples they took from Leonard’s body show that he had not contracted the virus. Patrick Mbugua, the City Mortuary deputy funeral superintendent confirmed that the cause of death was not Covid-19. However, he said that they were yet to conduct a post-mortem to determine the actual cause of death.

Mr Mbugua said that officers brought the deceased to the mortuary and tests revealed that he was not suffering from Covid-19. He noted that the possible cause of death is blood pressure issues considering he died so suddenly. The City Mortuary deputy funeral superintendent said that they were still waiting for post mortem results.

The incident

On Tuesday, the Embassava Sacco 14-seater matatu popularly known as Manchester left Nairobi city center at around 7.30 am. It was picking passengers along the way as it headed to its destination in Embakasi. Some minutes before 8 am, Leonard boarded the matatu at the South B bus stop. He was heading to Embakasi.

Leonard sat on the seat right behind the Driver’s cabin next to the door. That particular seat usually carries passengers. However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, only two passengers can sit there in order to enforce the rules of social distancing.

When the matatu passed Panari hotel, the passenger seated next to Leonard said she wanted to alight. Normally, the passenger seated next to the door alights to pave way for the one who needs to alight. Leonard did not move.

The conductor tapped him on his shoulder assuming that he had slept off. Instead of moving, Leonard heved, coughed and then slumped on his seat. Other passengers believe that this was the time he breathed his last.

Leonard’s family is still awaiting the post-mortem results.

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