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School heads warn Magoha of looming crisis

Barely a few days after schools reopened, school heads have warned Magoha that there may be a looming crisis in schools.

The headteachers have argued that the government’s release of Ksh 19.5 billion to schools was insufficient since schools require more funds.

The Ministry of Education released Ksh 14.6 billion to secondary schools and Ksh 4.6 billion to primary schools. The treasury released the funds after President Uhuru Kenyatta mandated them to expedite the process.

Headteachers have claimed that the Ksh 19.5 billion is only 25% of the money that the Ministry should send to schools. They have also asked Magoha to explain how they intend to disburse the funds. Additionally, they want him to outline how schools will cover financial constraints.

“Last year, there was a balance of 30 percent of the money that they should have released. There was also a balance of 20 percent that the Ministry releases in the third term. They have not captured these monies in the disbursed funds,” Kahi Indimuli, the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association chairman, said.

“We need a meeting of school heads and the ministry so that they guide us on the criteria they used to disburse the funds,” he added.

Magoha has urged school heads to use the money they get appropriately. He defended the Ministry of Education against those demanding more money.

“Please use this money for the purpose you should use it for—this time, we want to thank God that we are alive. I do nat have any plans of making any extra money this year. Nobody should have any plans to do so,” the Education CS said.

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