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Secondary school fees reduced in the new fee structure

The Ministry of Education has reduced the amount of school fees that parents whose children are in secondary schools should pay. The Ministry noted that the new school calendar only has 30 weeks instead of the 39 weeks in the old calendar.

Explaining the slash in school fees, the Ministry of Education acknowledged that parents were struggling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some lost their jobs, and some employers reduced salaries.

Education CS George Magoha and Education CAS Juma Jwan sent a circular to all schools. The circular directed that schools should enforce the new fee structure starting 26th July 2021. The fee structure would remain in force until 4th March 2022.

Students studying in extra county schools will pay Kshs 45,000 per year instead of the usual Kshs 55,000. This includes learners in Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret, and Thika.

Learners in county and sub-county schools will pay Kshs 35,000 annually. Those in special needs schools will pay Kshs 10 680 every year instead of the Kshs 21,920 they used to pay

“The Ministry of Education has revised fees guidelines payable by parents,” CAS Juma Jwan said.

The CAS also cautioned school heads against restructuring the new fee structure they had released. Additionally, she asked school principals to fully register all learners on the National Education Management Information Systems(NEMIS).

“It is the responsibility of the principal to ensure accuracy of the data available on National Education Management Information Systems(NEMIS). Every learner should be fully registered on the platform,” she said.


The CAS also revealed that the government would disburse Ksh22,224 per student annually. They will release Ksh 5,560 per student every quarter. The fees will cover medical insurance, curricular and co-curricular activities.

Last week, Magoha urged all parents to pay school fees after school heads pointed out that non-payment of school fees would make schools fall into crisis.

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