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Secondary school student found dead at river bank days after he went missing

17-year-old Immanuel Derick Munene went missing three days ago. Local residents found his body dumped on a river bank in Kangaru Village, Embu County.

The form two student had stab wounds on his neck. The wounds were an indication that his death was painful.

Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are trying to establish who murdered the teen. Additionally, they are trying to uncover the motive of the crime.

Immanuel’s parents reported him missing on 18th October. Three days later, villagers discovered his body.

The villagers who found his body reported the matter at Itabua police station. Police officers rushed to the scene. Later on, they moved the body to  Embu Referral Hospital for postmortem.


The boy’s parents reported that they left Immanuel at home when the rest of the family went to church on Sunday. When they came back in the afternoon, Immanuel was nowhere to be found.

Worried about where he was, his parents searched for him in the neighborhood and other places. Unfortunately, they could not trace him. They tried calling him but his phone went unanswered. The parents immediately realized that something was wrong.

“When we called him on his cellphone, he could not be reached as it had been switched off,” his mother said.

They then decided to report the matter to the nearest police station.The mother, Roselyne Muthoni expressed how shocked she was to learn of her son’s death.

“We reported the matter on Tuesday and went back home. While at home, we were informed that the body of a young male person had been recovered and that we should go to the mortuary to identify it,” Ms Muthoni narrated.

On arriving at the mortuary, they positively identified the dead body of their only child.

“He was my only child and when I heard what happened to him, I almost collapsed,” Muthoni said.

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