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Senator challenges House to hire interns to help in drafting legislation

Makueni County Senator Mutula Kalonzo Jr. has challenged the Senate to hire interns to help the senators draft legislation.

The County Senator argued that the Senators have been doing a lot of work when drafting the law, so they need assistants because it is always a challenge.

“It’s important to get people who are good draft persons. All these senators need persons who can help them draft good legislation. It’s always a challenge,” he said.

Mutula asked the Speaker to take the matter into consideration, and if the County Senators get the interns as their assistants, they should be awarded a certificate once they leave Parliament after the internship period.

The legislature said that the Senators have been working on the Constitutional Amendment Bill, and it would be a lot easier if the interns were in the room with them.

He urged the Speaker to attach the interns to every committee, let them participate, be given work to do, draft legislation and later be graded so that by the time they leave the Parliament, they have a great course.

In 2020, Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa, applauded Parliament after it adopted his bill that sought to have all public and private organizations with over 50 employees compelled to absorb interns and ensure that the number of applicants offered internship is 5% of the total employers’ workforce.

The bill also suggested the employers will maintain the interns for a whole year.

Barasa had sponsored the bill in March 2019 and was enacted by the National Assembly months later, which gave unemployed graduates opportunities to start getting on-job experience jobs qualified organizations.

In an interview with a local publication, Barasa revealed that his Kimilili Constituency was among the many Constituencies across the country that has had youths employed courtesy of the new law.

The MP also said that all the organizations affected by his legislation would be required to file annual internship compliance returns with the Director of Employment.

He explained that the policy would help many young job-seekers easily clinch employment opportunities since they will have met the requirement of having work experience.

In recent years, the youth have been complaining of a lack of job opportunities in the country after finishing their education as some of the organizations require workers with years of experience.

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