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Senior Northeastern politician arm-twisting elders to back his bid

Call it a battle of wits. Well, two senior politicians from a county in Central Kenya are quietly scheming to topple a governor in the 2022 polls. The governor’s political leaning is not well known, but there are claims that the county boss could be warming up to Deputy President William Ruto’s Tangatanga camp. With politicians on the overdrive scheming for 2022, the two politicos have crossed ranks and are plotting to capture the seat next year. One is said to have agreed to enter into a power-sharing deal that would see him deputise his newfound friend. Whether the governor will survive the emerging juggernaut being propelled by the two rivals is another matter altogether. 


Is a senior politician from Northeastern trying to arm-twist elders into renouncing their preference for his political rival? The MP, who is walking a political tightrope in his reelection bid, is said to have deployed an unorthodox means in lobbying elders to back his ambition. The elders had already endorsed his rival to succeed him in the 2022 general election. The lawmaker is now using intimidation and bribery to buy his way out of the predicament in a region where elders’ choices are revered. Will he succeed? Only time will tell.


The recruitment of a managing director of a water-related firm based in some county has raised eyebrows. First, a senior national government official is said to be very keen on manipulating the process to benefit his relative. Secondly, a top county official from the jurisdiction of the agency is keen on having his blue-eyed boy assume leadership. With the recruitment underway, a nasty confrontation ensued between the county official and an aide to the national official. This was after it emerged that the board was forced to raise the qualification bar to favour the national official’s relative. The two clashed in a Whatsapp group in which they promised to flex their muscles over the post. There are fears the situation could get out of hand.


Did rivals burst a politician in his own dirty tricks during a tour by Deputy President William Ruto of Nyamira? There are reports that plans by a certain politician to ferry hecklers from a neighbouring county flopped last minute. He was beaten at his own game. Hawk-eyed Ruto supporters allegedly intercepted two lorries with hundreds of youths aboard near Ekerenyo market. The hired youth had God to thank as the drivers sped off before a clash ensued. The specific intention for the importation was not clear, but it was widely believed that their assignment could have been to heckle and jeer some speakers. 

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