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Several protestors in Nigeria killed by security officers

Security officers in Lagos, Nigeria killed several protestors in the city on Tuesday 20th October. Amnesty International confirmed that the security officers opened fire on the protestors who had defied curfew orders.

“Security officers killed people at the (Lekki) tollgate,”Isa Sanusi, the Amnesty’s Nigeria spokesman confirmed.

The spokesman also said that Amnesty International was working on establishing how many people had died from the shooting.

Opened fire

Witnesses say that the security forces opened fire on approximately 1,000 protestors to disperse them. This happened hours after the government of Nigeria declared a lockdown in Lagos following the continuous protests.

“We were all sitting down, peacefully, and they shut down the lights and the billboards, everyone started screaming,” one of the protestors narrated.

“They came to us, but I don’t know who it was. They were shooting, and everyone was running for his life,” another protestor said.

Some well wishers helped ferry the wounded to the nearby hospitals for treatment. Most had gunshot wounds on different parts of their bodies.

DJ Switch, a popular disc jockey with a large following on Instagram, shared a video of people removing a bullet from someone’s wound while pleading for help.

Before the shooting, protestors had sung the Nigeria national anthem and sworn to stay out on the streets despite the curfew order.

The widespread protests started approximately two weeks ago. Thousands of Nigerians are protesting in the streets because of abuses by the police’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Babajide Sanwo-Ol, the Lagos state governor ordered for a round-the-clock shutdown in Lagos on Tuesday.

“Criminals and miscreants are now hiding under the umbrella of these protests to unleash mayhem,”the Governor posted on his Twitter account.

He also insisted that essential workers are the only ones allowed to be on the streets.

“We will not watch and allow anarchy in our dear state,” the Lagos State Governor added.

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