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Solai dam owner passes on

Solai dam owner Patel Mansukh has died.

According to reports from security officers, the tycoon succumbed to an unknown illness while receiving treatment at the Aga Khan hospital on Monday.

He was admitted to the facility for three days.

“The community is mourning because they have lost a powerhouse in the area, everyone depended on Solai economically. We pray that the almighty God rests his soul in peace. Funeral proceedings will follow,” said Shailesh Sheth, Nakuru Hindu council chairman.

The entrepreneur’s name hit the headlines after his dam burst its banks during a rainy season leading to the death of 48 people.

The unfortunate incident also saw people around the area lose their property.

However, a Senate Committee dismissed reports that the Solai dam incident occurred due to natural causes.

The committee instead said it was a case of conspiracy and omission between state agencies and Mr Mansukh.

In the February 2020 ruling, the general manager, Vinoj Jaya Kumar, Perry Kansagara, also a managing director of Patel Coffee Estates and seven others whom the court charged for the manslaughter of 48 people acquitted.

They also face charges for criminal offences. However, Kennedy Bidali, Naivasha Chief Magistrate, acquitted Mansukh and his co-accused, saying the prosecution didn’t show a willingness to take the case further.

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