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Solar powered device to turn salt water into potable in Kenya

Turning seawater into drinking water is a very expensive and polluting process, but the Climate Fund Manager and the Solar Water Solutions want to change that. The revolutionary new solution has a zero carbon footprint.

The surface of planet Earth is covered with water, but the overwhelming majority is in the sea. Although it is possible to desalinate part of this water, the truth is that the process is very expensive and polluting.

According to the Interesting Engineering, O Climate Fund Manager and the Solar Water Solutions have a revolutionary solution with a zero carbon footprint: a technique powered by solar energy It works without connection to a network, without batteries or chemicals.

The ambition is to install 200 units of this desalination device in Kitui County, Kenya. “This project marks a breakthrough in solar-powered water infrastructure,” he said. Antti Pohjola, CEO of Solar Water Solutions, in a statement.

“It would not have happened without the four key elements: a sustainable technology that lowers the cost of clean water, access to finance with an institutional investor, local partners and a market-based business model,” he added.

Although the installations are not visually attractive, they are the ideal solution for remote areas. The autonomous system is installed in a container measuring about six meters and the production capacity is up to 10,000 liters per hour.

In addition, the process also filters water through a membrane that eliminates bacteria, viruses and other contaminants.

In Kenya, this solution is a hope for citizens suffering from the effects of climate change, including severe droughts.

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