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Sonko flies MCAs to Mombasa ahead of impeachment motion

In a bid to counter his impeachment motion hearing set for today, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko flew over 40 MCAs to Mombasa.

Reports have emerged that the MCAs left Nairobi for Diani on Monday 30th November. They allegedly checked in at two different resorts. The English Point Marina and Salama Bling Beach Resort.

Sources have revealed that the embattled governor is keeping an eye on the the ward representatives. The main aim of the get away is to ensure that the impeachment motion against him does not proceed.

Additionally, reports have revealed that he took an unidentified number of MCAs to Naivasha and sent 15 others to their rural homes.

The impeachment motion

The National Assembly recently announced that MCAs who cannot physically present themselves can vote online. All in all, the motion entirely depends on a ruling that the court will make today.

Recently, court issued conservatory orders barring the ward representatives from discussing or proceeding with the impeachment motion. The orders were to stay in force pending the hearing of a case that Sonko filed to challenge the impeachment process.

Ben Mulwa, Sonkop’s spokesperson said that Sonko is prepared for the day because he was sure that the frivolous allegations leveled against him would not see the light of day. Additionally, he said that Sonko meeting with MCAs is within the confines of the law.

Governor Sonko is keen on ensuring that the MCAs planning his ouster do not reach the 2/3 threshold that they need in order to eject him. Sonko’s allies vowed to ensure that the impeachment motion does not proceed by failing to attend the hearing.

Minority Whip Peter Imwatok said that they were confident that they would eject Sonko from his seat.

“We will proceed as planned. We expect him to appear before the Assembly today and defend himself,” the Minority Whip said.

If the MCAs oust him, Sonko will be at the mercy of the Senate.

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