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Speaker Justin Muturi speaks on the plight of investigative journalists

Justin Muturi, Speaker of the National Assembly, has spoken out on the plight of investigative journalists in Kenya, including Citizen Tv’s Purity Mwambia.

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) held an event to celebrate World Press Freedom Day. Speaking during the event, Muturi commented on Purity Mwambia’s recent expose. He acknowledged that the report was incisive. Additionally, the Speaker said that media houses were not compensating journalists well enough for their sacrifices.

“I recently watched Purity Mwambia’s incisive documentary on Citizen. It shocked me, and I was also worried for her about the risks involved. She had a lot of courage going after the story. But in the end, how much do these people take home?” Muturi questioned.

Muturi also said that corruption had significantly infiltrated Parliament and the media. According to him, it is the reason why media houses do not pay their staff well, including those who investigate sensitive issues. He urged everyone to be candid.

“Corruption continues to affect all our public and private institutions. The time has come for us to address corruption in the media. We should not only discuss journalists who take bribes to look the other way but also the quid pro quo between government institutions and media enterprises,” Muturi said.

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