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“Stop hiding and show leadership” Opposition’s Semu tells Magufuli

Dorothy J Semu, National Vice-Chair of Alliance for Change and Transparency Party (ACT Wazalendo) has called on President Magufuli to show leadership during this crisis.

In a press statement Semu called on the President to not keep Tanzanians in the dark regarding the COVID-19 situation in the country.

‘Radio silence’

It has been close to two weeks since mainland Tanzania issued an update on the situation of the coronavirus.

“Since April 29th, there has been radio silence from our elected government on the rate of infection, recovery rate, and the number of deaths from COVID-19. Given the gravity of the situation[…], this is simply wrong and unacceptable.” Part of the letter by Semu reads.

Semu goes ahead to reveal that their frequent attempts to get communication from the government and President has resulted in deafening silence.


Semu called out Magufuli for only coming out to contradict the opinion of scientists but not issue the status of the COVID-19 situation in Tanzania.

“[…]the President remains hidden on a daily basis, emerging only to contradict the opinions of scientists and doctors, seemingly determined to confirm our country’s status as both a regional and international outlier. Disturbingly, he also seems to be prepared to gamble with the lives of our people.”

Desperate situation

The last time Tanzania updated their COVID-19 figures was close to two weeks ago.

Disturbingly, there have been videos and photos circulating on social media showing dead people on the streets in Tanzania. Many believe that they died from the coronavirus disease, but they always remain speculations.

Additionally, there have also been images and videos of people in hazmat suits burying the dead.

These revelations could point towards the situation is dire in Tanzania.

Semu then concluded by calling on Magufuli to be transparent about the situation and lead.

“The future of so many lives depend on it.” Semu finishes.

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